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Premium homemade ice cream using natural and quality ingredients creating traditional and original flavours.





As a definition in the ice cream industry: low overrun (whipped air), higher milk fat content and contains higher quality ingredients

Lisa started her journey in the ice cream business by enrolling in Food Science – Ice Cream Technology Course at the University of Guelph in 2016. There, she learned about proper formulas, production, quality assurance and importantly how to accurately flavor.

With the foundation in place, Lisa set out to make a rich and creamy ice cream not easily found in today’s market.  A premium product that is reminiscent of the taste of ice cream of yesteryear when it was hand churned in smaller amounts in the home using fresh cream and quality ingredients.  A creation that she could proudly create in memory of her Mother.

Lisa has mastered traditional and original flavour profiles and has created a product that has been carefully and lovingly made in small batches using only natural, quality and where available, local ingredients. 

Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you at our storefront.


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